Thompson Burton Law Firm

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One Franklin Park 6100 Tower Circle, Suite 200
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
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Kevin Grimes
Ph: +1-208-524-1008

Thompson Burton PLLC is a full service law firm based in the quickly growing Cool Springs area of Nashville, Tennessee.

Thompson Burton redefines the art of law by utilizing creativity, technology, flexibility and innovation to more effectively deliver information and connect with our clients. With that in mind, we’re not wedded to the old ways of practicing law behind bookcases and conference room tables. We’re committed to delivering exceptional results while maintaining our vision for transparency and accessibility.

The Thompson Burton law firm has formulated a bold vision for creating something remarkable in the legal sector. With the growing sophistication of clients and the increased connectivity of the world, Thompson Burton represents an advancement in the delivery of legal services. Mutual respect for our clients and colleagues is at the very core of our philosophy. At Thompson Burton, our core values have been carefully chosen. They are:

Responsibility: We accept responsibility, always. We own the results, good and bad.

Efficiency: We leverage all available resources to make the delivery of legal services simple and cost effective.

Skill: We’re constantly sharpening the saw, developing our skills as attorneys and leaders in the community.

Passion: We do what we love–practice law. Passion drives excellence.

Ethics: We place a high value on character, in and outside of the office.

Courtesy: We share a mutual and deep respect for our clients and colleagues. We extend kindness and courtesy at every possible opportunity without limiting in any way our effectiveness as advocates.

Teamwork: We assemble and lead teams to deliver on our commitment to our clients. It takes a well-functioning team to perform at a high level.

We firmly believe these values are the key to our success and will enable us to attract, develop and train the best and most talented lawyers. Thompson Burton cares about its client relationships, and is dedicated to understanding the unique business and culture of each of its clients. We recognize that only through understanding and counsel, can our knowledge of the law be most effectively utilized to solve our clients’ problems.

The firm has diverse practice areas, including commercial real estate, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, commercial litigation, direct sales and MLM, labor and employment, administrative law, corporate, entertainment law, and domestic and family law.  Our clients range from fortune 500 companies and national banks, regional and community banks, borrowers, closely held corporations, real estate developers, property owners, investors, small businesses, start up entrepreneurs, to individuals.

Our lawyers are leaders in the community and have consistently been recognized for their achievements in both law and life.